Monday, 6 July 2015

A Little Bit of Blod, A Lot of Sweat But No Tears.

I've been home in Scotland for a little over a week now. Just as I came home the warm weather kicked in and it finally started to feel like summer. With it being warmer and a little more humid than normal, training has been a rather sweaty affair. It hasn't been so warm that I've had to adjust my training, but it has been warm enough to notice that I'm drinking a lot more during training and that a feel it on my longest sessions.

My first few days at home were fairly easy, before I went into quite a hard week that I just completed yesterday. I had a two hard sessions and a speed session otherwise my training was fairly easy, but long. It has been fun to get out and train on some of the old routes I trained on when I was younger, although I've also found that things have changed quite a bit. Being in the middle of summer the vegetation has really grown up and a lot of my old training routes are now covered by long grass, gorse bushes and trees. I had a long running session where I ran for over 3 hours. I started out by running over the Clashmac hill before I ran off into the forrest on the back side. Unfortunately the trails I used to run on are no longer really there, as I found out the hard way. This is partly due to the wind farm construction work, and partly due to them being overgrown. I decided to venture off down a path, but found out about halfway along that the path wasn't really there anymore. Of course I continued anyway. By the time I got home my legs were all cut up by gorse bushes, and as a terrible hay fever sufferer, just about my entire body had come up in a rash.

I had one hard running session where I ran a loop in the forrest and I hard session roller skiing. I'd managed to choose quite a good good loop for the running. It started off with a gentle climb before flattening out, then it dropped down a small hill before a final steep climb to the end. To complete the loop i jogged down a steep hill in the break, back to the start. Unfortunately I didn't feel so good running so I had to cut the loop shorter and shorter each time to still make the target of running hard for 5mins. I'm going to run the same intervalls again later this week to check on how I'm getting on. I was a little bit disappointed to have a bad running session as my running had been going pretty well by the end of May and through June. So hopefully when I re run the intervalls things feel better and I get a good hard session.
I did my rollerski intervalls on the only rainy day last week. Although it was cold and I had to fight the wind and rain for the entirety of the session, I managed to log a good 60min level 3 session.

Yesterday I finished the week off with a 6 hour over distance session. During the summer I tend to do an over distance session once every 2 weeks or so. It's a good way to keep my volume up and it's good training for later in the Autumn. Having done a few 6 hour sessions in the summer doing 2 to 3 hour quality sessions in the Autumn should be a breeze. Yesterday I started off with 4 hours of classic roller skiing. I did quite a hilly and long loop, being 68km with 800m of climbing, although all the climbing was int he first half, before I had flatter roads towards the end. When I got home after 4 hours I had a quick break for something to eat and drink before I changed over to my running shoes. I ran for 2 hours at an easy pace. It is a common misconception that a 6 hour session has a big knock on effect to other training session and takes a long time to recover from. But if you do the session properly and keep the pace easy, drink enough and eat enough then I find the recovery quite quick and training properly the next day is no problem.

Although training at home in the summer is good, the best thing about being home this time of year is the food. More specifically, the strawberries. The strawberries have just started ripening this week and nothing beats freshly picked strawberries.
Hopefully the good warm weather continues. It's much easier to have to deal with being a bit warm, that having to try and keep warm and dry. This weeks training is a bit easier again before the British teams summer camp starts on Sunday. We are having a 10 day training camp with half of it here in Huntly and half in Glenmore near Aviemore.