Tuesday, 16 April 2013


So since world champs things haven't exactly gone to plan. In all honestly I was spent after world champs and I couldn't give a damn about racing. I just wanted to go home, rest and actually do some training. When being away on the road there is more rest, recovery and preparing for races than time for training.
After being at home a few weeks I got my breath back and i was ready to attack the last few races of the season. Due to a long string of silly small things getting in the way, I haven't raced that much, not done that well and now I'm suddenly done for the year without really knowing it.
The latest is an infection, giving me 10 days on antibiotics. I'm now halfway through, but having been ill for 2 days before i went to the doctor, it's taking a big chunk of time out of training and being active. What i had/have pretty much flattened me. For 3 days i could lie in bed or lie on the sofa. I had to sit down in the shower because i couldn't stand up for long enough and i didn't sleep or eat.  Now i'm starting to feel a bit more like myself and i managed to cycle for 20min on a spin bike today! Afterwards i slept for an hour. But still. I managed to do something.
Spring is an awesome time in Norway. The sun has returned. It gets light by 5am (i know after being awake for 3 nights) and doest get dark until 9pm. It's warm, but there is snow. Everybody wants to get out and about. It is by far one of the most enjoyable times of year for skier. I'm not going to Geilo for Skarverennet this year. It is not recommended to race when im taking antibiotics. My agenda is pretty free. First i have to build up slow after being so ill however, but next week i should be able to go on some long ski trips in the mountains. The skiing is still pretty good, so I apply use whilst I can rule. It's hard to ski in the middle of the summer so i will ski lots now while it's still good and while i still can, right up into the new season.
The new season starts on the 1st of May , but with plenty of snow and races still on the go it feels like the old season hasn't really stopped. Obviously i'm done with racing for this season and won't race again now until the first weekend in November. Last year i didn't do any rollerski races, or test races or anything with a number on over the summer. I will probably do something similar again this year. It's nice to have a break, i race enough in the winter. This year i raced 24 races.

There has been a few things happen in the ski world recently. Most notably Andrus Veerpalu who was caught for doping in 2011 was let off the hook due to some minor infraction i don't really understand. As far as i could make our WADA blamed FIS, FIS blamed WADA and they both blamed CAS. But anyway he is off the hook because someone somewhere messed up. It sort of removes all faith anyone ever had in the anti-doping agencies. It's a sad situation.

Now i'm off to wait. wait to be finished with these damn antibiotics and get back out skiing.