Monday, 13 February 2012


sorry i havent updated in a while, but here comes a quick update. Im paying for internet in a hotel so cant write too much.
Im now in italy with the national team after racing in trondheim. In trondheim i had a good skate race and an ok classic, nothing amazing but good confirmation i am on track for the world juniors that start a week today.
Im in Livigno, training at altitude because the world juniors are insanely high. that tracks arent too high, but apparently where we are going to live is 2500m, the tracks at 1800m.
So all i have been doing is skiing easy, i had some intervals planned yesterday but the day before i felt a bit ill with a sore throat so had to take a rest day and an easy day yesterday and today.
There are quite a few teams here, Canadians, Aussies, Pollish team, some intalian teams, and a swedish skier. We went out for dinner with the aussies for pizza. And today we went ice quad biking with them. Pretty cool to drive round on a frozen lake and drift the quadbikes. But one of the aussies crashed into Alex and broke his quad, so had to pay a 100 euro fine. Damn convicts, thats all i can say.
The skiing here is pretty weird, the snow is really really really really really really really slow. it is the slowest snow i have ever skied on. It is cold in the mornings when we start, around -25 and then it warms us to around -4 and some days it has been above 0 in the middle of the day. But the snow stays really cold.
The sun is strong and i have got a nice brown face now. There is now better feeling that skiing with the sun shining strong. Once you get your head around the slow snow and adapt to it, everything is pretty good. There isnt that much terrain to ski, but what is available is perfect for long easy sessions, with a few harder hills for those that are doing intervals.
Hopefully tomorrow, if i continue to feel better, i will do an interval session. It will be fun to go full speed again after an easy week.

I will hopefully write an update before i start racing.