Sunday, 7 August 2011

summer (ish)

As you may have noticed the blog has been a little bit quite recently. Not so much has been happening. The summer has been pretty bad in terms of weather. It feels as if it has been 8 degrees and raining the whole time. Indeed as I write this it is raining and miserable outside. I had a few things planned for the summer, most of them have been unsuccessful...

Get a sun tan and tan lines - mildly successful, although pretty good for scotland

Get a job - unsuccessful, although i have done a bit for my mum and dad

Learn to drive - again, mostly unsuccessful on this front, i passed my theory but on the practical side of things it isn't going so well.

Get good at skiing - might have to wait a while before we find out.

Anyway, training had been going pretty well through june and july. I picked up an injury in my shin again at the end of july which is effecting my running pretty badly. Everything else seems to be running smoothly though.
Last week i was at the british teams summer training camp in Badaguish near Aviemore. It was a pretty tough week, with 3 hard sessions and lots and lots of hours training.
Having been to Badaguish a few years ago and stayed in a tin hut with 10 people per bed room it was a pleasant camp to stay in the luxury forrest cabins with twin bedrooms. We had some of the athletes parents catering for us in another building with a big dining hall. That was pretty good and the food was its usual high standard, and included Haggis one night.
The camp was pretty bussy with the senior team, junior team, EYO group and development group all there. With a huge range of athletes from 11 year olds to Olympians. I train with the senior team, but on most days we had the junior team along with us. We had an American girl, who claims she is British, along with us at the camp. For all the others this provided endless entertainment, as somehow my mother had told my sister that i was "keen" on her. This was then taken completely out of context and passed to my sisters boyfriend who, also a member of the senior team, happened to be sharing a room with me. So putting up with a whole week of the awkward comments, at just under hearing volume must have been hilarious for all the other guys but for me it was a little embarrassing. Fortunately British, or north east scotland, vocabulary isn't quite the same as American.
Posy came along to the camp for 2 days, and on the morning of her second day we had an easy session in a game of football. Whilst in goals, se went to save and shot and bent her finger backwards, which led to her jumping up and shouting "ive broken my finger! This is quite exciting, ive never broken anything before." Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending how you look at it, it wasn't broken just dislocated.
As i had mentioned before we had all the groups from british cross country skiing with us on this camp. In the first few days the younger guys got addicted to "THE RINGS". A set of swinging monkey bars, consisting of 8 rings, across a pond. This provided endless entertainment... but also led to the young guns getting pretty tired as they didn't quite understand the meaning of resting. Of course i had a shot on them. And you will be pleased to know that i am awful at it and fell in the pond every single time. Luckily however i didn't fall in fully clothed like Fi. The guys promis to still be laughing about this in years to come.
Upon arriving we were warned that the steam from the showers can set of the fire alarms in the cabins. This wasn't a problem until the last day. When dora set the fire alarm off, came out of the shower. Found out it was ok so went back in the shower and set it off again...
This lead to BOB from Badaguish coming down, disappointingly not to tell alex to go and get the cup, but to fix the fire alarms. He came down in his litte groundsman type atv. Almost like a golf kart. Simon span him some bull about working and living on a farm and driving this type of thing all the time. This lead to him getting a shot. Fortunately nothing was damaged.
We left the training camp yesterday, alex had still left the cup in the woods. We were all a bit tired and i have to say i enjoyed a rest day yesterday.
Its time for an easy week now, before getting back into hard training again.