Monday, 6 June 2011

The art of eating

Why eating is important

I recently discovered why we eat. During Ming the merciless midsummer challenge i didnt eat. It was an epic fail, that certainly lead to an epic meal time afterwards.
The morning of the event i woke up at the usual time and ate breakfast around 8 am. From then i didnt eat until the start of the event at 11. During the half marathon run in the hills, i didnt eat. I didnt run hard the whole way either. I split the run up into and 30 min warm up section then 25 min really hard in the climb before going level 2 all the way from the high point back home.
Although i didnt eat i had drank some juice. At the transition to the cycle it didnt even occur to me to eat. Someone even offered me some food but i declined and said i was fine. Now 12.50pm, i hadnt eaten from almost 5 hours. The cycle was disastrous. I quickly became hungry and discovered i wasnt carrying any food. Only a bottle of juice that quickly became empty before the half way mark. The las hour of the 30 mile ride i cycled in my easiest gear swerving all over the road. Only dreaming what food could possibly taste like. I eventually made it back tot he finish using the patented 5 pedals and free wheel technique. Yes a 30 mile bike ride did take me way over 2 hours with an average speed of less than 15mph, make all the fun you wish. But i tell you, i have had the pure luxury of starvation.
Upon arriving back, i promptly sat and scoffed my face with cake for the next hour. I scoffed so much so fast that i felt sick. With a little more energy, i cycle home, and fell asleep for 2 hours.
So i hadnt eaten from 8 until after 3pm, a whole 7 hours. And in that time i hadnt drank that much either. I have never felt so empty in my life. I have definitely learnt my lesson about eating though!