Friday, 26 November 2010

BULspinten or not BULsprinten

This year i had decided to open my season, at the Bulsprinten race weekend in Gaalaa. This last week there has been a lot of questions about whether we will actually go, or even if there will be a race. At first because of snow and secondly because of the cold temperatures. The snow problem was solved and they managed to make enough for a 3km track. However with temperatures forecast at well bellow -20 let a loan the racing limit of -18 C. The organizers of the race weekend claim that the stadium is specially located to receive warmer temperatures than what is forecast. However this seems to me to be like venues in Poland, that wanted to hold the world junior ski championships, claiming that they dont need snow cannons because of the micro climate that ensures them with good snow depth. The world juniors where later move because of lack of snow...
So due to the cold forecast NTG Geilo has decided not to go to Gaalaa, a little disappointing as i had proved last week that my skate sprinting is getting good and i looked forward to testing myself in a competition now.
The cold temperatures are still forecast until friday next week and even then it is not letting up much. By then we could be reaching highs in the middle of the day of -12 C.
Fortunately although i wont race this weekend it is only one week to wait. On sunday i am off to join up with the British Nordic Ski Team for a week. All of British skiings stars will be around and i look forward to meeting up with the team again. Thursday next week we will travel to idre, Sweden where we will race saturday, sunday. Definitely looking forward to some laddish behaviour from Rogger Riller ( ) and other going ons that are only found on the British team.

For now though i sit inside mainly all day as it is so damn cold! today i braved the elements for a 2 hour classic ski, and short trip to the shops but biking home was fiercely cold. Tomorrow is yet again meant to be another sub -20 day, so intervals on the spinning bikes are planned! im not sure if thats good or bad! Sweating you guts out and seemingly no results as you stay stationary... Also a gym session awaits tonight, i just hope someone has left the heaters on in there!
I also must congratulate Malcolm Cooper on his winning of "the Golden Boot". It seems there is more snow in the North east of scotland the anywhere else at the moment... Clash/lecht olympic bid soon?


Saturday, 20 November 2010


Today we experience relatively tropical temperatures here in Geilo, it got as warm as -10! it felt like summer again!
I went out skiing this morning at 8.30, it was really cold! i wore extreme amounts of clothing and my body managed to escape without any real lose of temperature but as for my cheeks and forehead it did not bode so well. I wore my new Airtrim cold air mask. It helped a lot with the mouth and nose but it means you cant wear glasses (or i cant as the mask is in the way of mine) so the upper face took a beating.
After the morning ski i was almost 100% certain that it would be too cold to go hard today... but after going round to Erik and Fredrik's to watch the world cup skiing (posy musgrave 80th and Andrew musgrave 52nd) and seeing the temperature there we decided it would be ok to go for hard training today.
So we took full advantage of the summer weather and went out for the intervals we were supposed to do on thursday at 2pm, the warmest part of the day. Just before we get plunged back into darkness at 4.
The intervals went pretty well, i kept a good pace throughout them but still need a little more work before i will get my best results in the winter.
Pretty good day for both British skiing and myself, i would say!

check out the results from the world cup

Friday, 19 November 2010

The Cold!

Negative temperatures have their benefits when trying to ski. For example snow melts at positive temperatures and it tends to rain instead of snow above 0.
But they also have their bad points. Too cold! Yesterday we had intervals scheduled on the plan, but they were canceled, why? it was too cold. So we planned to do them today, it was still too cold. And tomorrow is forecast to be just as cold as today. And by sunday it is too close to our next interval session to do them and have enough recovery time.
How cold is too cold? Well this morning the trusted norwegian weather forecast site said it was -23.3 here in Geilo. Brrr. I went out training for an easy run today.
Clothing list
-Thermal Top
-Thermal Bottoms
-Windproof Boxers -essential item of clothing for male xc skiers
-over trouser (windproof)
- woolly socks
-Gillet or vest (windproof)
-Jacket (windproof)
- 3 buffs
- Hat
- Glasses - essential to stop eyes freezing!
and the biggest pair of winter gloves you have ever seen!

i still got cold.

The weather forecast for the next week is more of the same. It doesn't look so fun but hopefully we will still get some good training sessions done.
It does bring some worries about next weekends Bulsprinten races when the temperature is meant to be as low as -26 during the day. Also some reports of very little snow there! could be entertaining!

Thats all from the cold

Thursday, 4 November 2010

The 2 - piece race suit

This year has been really good for early snow here in Geilo, we have "4.5km" of tracks at the stadium of good man made snow and we have some other tracks of natural snow which aren't so good but still skiable. In the south of Norway the only other places with snow are Sjusjoen with a 4k track only and beitstolen, the location of the norwegian season opener.
As there are so few places with snow now people are coming here to Geilo to get their time on snow. As many people have been training here i have seen many people out training intervals and doing hard training sessions. Today i saw something that reminded me of one of my pet hates!
People wear race suits when they train hard... some one piece and some two piece. Now for me i dont really mind wearing a 2 piece race suit, thats what we wear on the British team, but i prefer one piece. But when i see people wearing a 2 piece without the top tucked in it drives me insane! Normally is is girls that do this.... the ones who are supposed to be all neat and tidy and take care of their appearance, but no, they like to look silly wearing their race suit top over the top of their bottoms. I had almost grown used to it and gotten over my hatred for it when today i saw a biathlete doing it! and it was a guy! what made it worse was that he was a small guy and clearly XS is still to big for him as the top was more like a night dress and came half way down his thighs... It is almost as if he didn't recognize he looked a little stupid. I am very disappointed that someone can have such little care in their appearance. As im sure any cross country skier will tell you "its not about skiing fast, its about looking good". But actually this ticks both the boxes of skiing fast and looking good... tucked in, neat and tidy = aerodynamic. And it means you dont look like an idiot.
Please skiers, for everybody who has to watch you ski, tuck your race suit top in! or wear a one piece!!!!