Friday, 9 July 2010

July Camp.

So the July camp has been and gone. It ran pretty smoothly as the athlete to coach/staff ratio was small. At one point we had 5 coaches! 3 of our normal coaches - Peter G, Roger Riller and Don Young. Then from the institute of sport which provide our strength and conditioning and lactate testing, Boomer and the brains of the operation Catriona.
The camp's main focus was intense work outs and ski technique. So lots of roller ski sessions, and lots of football. Football became the adopted warm up by the athletes and cool down and any spare time game. It all climaxed at the ultimate EYO group against The World Group. Which we (the world group) won. I can't remember the exact score but im sure we gave them a thrashing. Even though we had numerous should have been red cards surprisingly the match referee claimed he saw nothing (roger riller's eyes are going a bit) and even when i was blatantly booted in the shin by the goal keeper in the oppositions penalty area nothing was awarded to my disgust (the ref may have also been that goalkeeper). Having said that the standard of football was 2nd to none, and some even speculated that it could take down the so called world cup hopeful's of such major footballing nations such as England, France and even Italy.

On the camp Peter G got into full flow in the talking for Britain competition and was challenged by non other that the mighty Mr Musgrave (junior). Peter tried to tell us all to eat healthily and only eat "real" foods such as organic products. Muzzy challenged him on the chemical compositions of food and took everything far to literarily - i was lost at the first mention of chemical after that words of "blah" were exchanged between the two. Peter G lead by example however by eating crunchy nut corn flakes (reportedly). After this i can determined one thing: Muzzy is finally mature. As maturity is clearly when you understand and can communicate with Peter G. Congratulations must go to them both as they receive the entertainer of the weekend award.

The coaches however claim the real maturity is reached when you can understand the radio 4 cricket commentary.

As Don Young actually has a job unlike most of the athletes, he had to work on the monday. No disappointment however as Brendan G stepped in to do some shuttling duties and have a catch up with the athletes. Many of whom competed and trained with Brendan when he was still a member of the team/squad. Don Young had entrusted Brendan to drive his car for the day, it only ended up in the ditch once or twice but not noticeable damage was done.

The camp finished on the monday i took tuesday as a well deserved rest, and started training again wednesday. Training this month is, eh, hard. no wait that sounds to easy, very hard? still doesn't do it justice. But i will just 'man up' and get on with it. Coach sent me my plan with the key sessions highlighted and marked in bold "intervals" i thought 'ok thats not to bad only intervals every day for the next 4 weeks.' an hour later i had a new email " sorry youngie thats the young guys plan, here is yours:" the bold, hi lighted sessions seemed to double. my heart sank, my deep love fore intervals seems to be decreasing. maybe we are just seeing to much of each other?

Disclaimer: In noway do the names above relate to the persons involved, they are all fictional names. Also the training disclosed is neither factual nor correct.