Thursday, 24 June 2010

SUMMER! and a sporting round up

Its about 20 degrees celcius outside for the 2nd day in row. People are out gardening topless and the old folk complain about the heat. i think it is fair to say the scottish summer has started.
One of the good things about the summer here is that the evenings are long so when you forget to do the run you had for training today until 9pm there is still plenty of light to go running in the forests. People have been known to go running even later than that but i'm not mentioning any names or anything, yagi. I am told it is "prime" but i'm far too much in love with my bed to try it. Midsummers day lent itself to a long evening bike ride, it also lends itself to getting people out on the bike you havent seen in weeks. so the biggest group in about 2 years headed out on monday night with a grand total of 7 riders.
The football world cup is also on and providing good entertainment and a distraction from anything worth while, that i am supposed to be doing. There is always huge debate in scotland as the wether we should support england, see them as neutral or support there opposition. Personally i am neutral, however if they were to win it would shut them up about 1966 for while. ;) There is supposedly a bar in Aberdeen which has sweep stakes on the football, not on who will win but how many minuets it takes for the commentators to mention 1966 in an England game.
So who do i support, being Scottish? Well not Germany, they are the BRAT - WORST. Not brazil - they are by far the best, they dont need my support. Not portugal - diving and play acting. Not Argentina - Maradona - DRUGIE, CHEAT! Not Spain - see portugal, Not netherlands - i hate orange. Not USA - im half canadian - see above scottish/english debate.
So it boils down to African nations. I dont care which one just and African nation, that is who i want to win, why? imagine what it would do for sport in Africa and imagine the party across the whole continent... It would just be epic, not to mention they have slightly underdog teams beefed up with one or two amazing players and the football is very aesthetically pleasing.
Le Tour De France starts in July, personally a cant wait, cycling in Britain is an inspiration for other sports in Britain. My view - Wiggans - 3rd, Cavendish for the green. Team sky to have good performances, but its their first year so it wont be overly amazing.

Wimbledon is also on, i couldn't really care less. Apart from the mens final - If Andy Murray makes it.

Media - with all this going on there is a lot of sport in media. I bet if Andy Murray wins, he will be british - if he goes out in the 2nd round Scottish. It was the same for David Coultard, David Millar in cycling. I hate it but there is not much we can do about it.

Also VAT is rising to 20% here in Britain In January, so if you are from foreign parts please come here before January buy everything you need for the next 20 years boost our Economy and out Vat might not need to rise so much? Also then it will remain a place were it is cheap for you to come shopping. Thanks in advance of your late summer shopping trip to Britain.

i have now changed it so anybody can comment on my blogs without signing in, i think. so feel free to comment.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Training, roller ski racing and bit and bobs.

So it is now mid June, and summer training is well under way. (although the summer weather isn't). This month my training has taken another step up and is a little bit tougher after a relatively easy month in May. Training is going well, with a few interval sessions creeping in it is starting to be a lot more enjoyable.
Last weekend we made a camp out of the British roller ski champs, over in the Cairngorm region. The camps' main focus was development and to get some of the younger skiers used to being away from home for training. One of the major tasks was shopping for and cooking our evening meal... writing the shopping list i explained that "we are having spaghetti Bolognese, we have the bolognese so what else to we need?"
the reply "bread" was a little bit shocking but when backed up with the argument "if i was italian i would have bread with that meal." i can kind of see where they were coming from.
Apart from that i think the camp ran pretty well with some good training sessions and the roller ski hill climb race on the sunday. I raced pretty bad, for no obvious reason, i just couldn't go as fast as i would have liked.

Living pretty far north hear in scotland i am enjoying the long evenings of the summer, i find them a great time to train. Next Monday, as you may know, is the longest day. So the plan is for a mid summer evening bike ride, should be fun. (if its nice weather).

i think thats all for now