Sunday, 23 May 2010

The May Camp

3 weeks into training and now i can truly say training has begun.
In the British team it is traditional that we have a camp in May with high hours of training at easy intensity. And this year didn't disappoint. We trained 10 hours in 2 days.
So the first day started lightly with an hour roller ski, real easy. Then on for the hour and a half bike ride from the Training centre to the beach. Then a run along the beach for 1.5 hours then a back to the bikes and ride home again. Sounds easy... but at 25 degrees C for us scots that feels like a sauna and makes it almost impossible to move. Most of the guys ran topless and have now go interesting burn marks on their back from their heart rate monitors and also nice burn marks from their bike tops. It is kind of our own fault though as none of us put on any sun tan lotion. The evening we had a meal cooked for us by one of the athletes parents... it was greta meal and good to have the whole team together... we did a bit of planning for next season and some goal setting as a group. Unfortunately this preoccupied us and we couldn't watch the champions league final to some peoples disgust.
The 2nd day was slightly easier and we had all learned from our tanning disasters from yesterday. The morning was a gym session but outside because of the heat again. A bit of an unusual session but fun non the less. The afternoon was taken up with the Gordon Way run, it took us almost 3 hours to do with poles and had some great views.
It was great to do some long distance work with a group it definitely helps with the boredom of long workouts and keeps you motivated . Now though i have to say my legs and my feet are really feeling all the running from the weekend, time to put my feet up in front of the TV i think...

Saturday, 1 May 2010

2010/2011 season has begun

Today was the first day back in training after 3 weeks of nothing other than the occasional bike ride and long lies in bed.
It feels good to be back, but also very sore. My legs really aren't enjoying training again, even though the day was mostly easy with only the tough gym tests as a hard workout.
Tomorrow is the infamous British Nordic Development Squad AGM. it starts at 9.45 and has been known to last as long as 5 hours. 5 hours siting in a warm room saying nothing and actually sorting nothing out is great fun. Or not. I guess it is just one of these things that has to be done but i would much rather be out training or doing something interesting. Alex has strategically switched his work shifts so he is working and everyone still at school suddenly has to do intense revision. As i neither work nor go to school i have to go.
Back to training - this period of the season is going to be mainly easy stuff and not that many hours either so its pretty nice, there is a lot of gym work though!!!!!
Next week i have planned to go across to Cairngorm and try get some start of season skiing on snow with what is left on the top of the ski resort there. We also have planned to do some biking sessions and some hill runs/walks. so looking forward to going over there to really start the season off.